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The Canon Escrow Staff

Dup Peirce  is the co-founder and President of Canon Escrow.  With over 39 years of escrow experience on the Westside, she guides the company through the maze of challenges, complexities and surprises which are everyday occurrences in the world of escrow.  She is proud of and extremely grateful for her wonderful staff who mutually share her vision that Canon Escrow be on the leading edge of honesty, integrity and overall professionalism. 

Lupe Paque-Montes:  As an Escrow Officer, Lupe navigates the course of an escrow with exactness, perseverance and diligence towards every nuance of an escrow file.  She commands a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that all who come into contact with her are satisfied with her work and the work of the company.  

Elizabeth Fuentes: 
As an Escrow Officer, Elizabeth demonstrates ultimate multi-tasking while processing files, taking phone calls and stepping in to do the company daily banking when needed, and all with great attitude and capability. 

Cathy Luna, our receptionist, is the first person you speak with when calling our office.  She is responsive to our clients in a calm, personable manner and will quickly assess the urgency of your call and connect you with whom may best assist you.  Cathy is a most cherished employee who keeps us well supplied, lends a sympathetic ear and provides us with sound advice.